RA Wrap Designs

R.A. Wrap Designs!!

My name is Anthony.  I started my art career over 15 years ago as a portrait artist favoring pastels and airbrush. I slowly transitioned from fine arts to graphic design but I still draw portraits by hand being it has always been theraputic for me..
I consider myself extremely fortunate doing my "job" as I completly love doing what I do!! I call myself a Graphic designer as I feel it is a nice umbrella term for all the services I provide. 
I have​ an amazing level of appreciation for the small things in life and take nothing for granted.  I have been through my fair share of ups and downs along my journey and am blessed to have taken a new-found outlook on life from them.  I started my business for a couple reasons other than the obvious monetary aspect.  I am doing something I love and being able to see how what I do touches peoples heart is truly humbling and addictive!!